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<strong>Mission Statement</strong>

Mission Statement

Barrett & Company empowers our Investment Advisory clients with the clarity of understanding their entire financial picture, so they look to the future with anticipation. We do this by providing panoramic financial planning and personalized wealth management. The formula for how to do well with money are relatively simple. The behaviors you battle while implementing that formula are hard. We help clients feel confident about their life aspirations for tomorrow and the steps they should take today, which is accomplished through a process we call The Four Square Method®.  

From Our President

Thank you for choosing Barrett & Company. Founded in Rhode Island in 1928, we remain one of the oldest independent investment firms in New England. We offer a full spectrum of financial products and services, as well as wealth management solutions for our clients.

Since our founding, the lasting quality we continually strive for is the relentless commitment to studying, practicing, and refining our craft. The ongoing investments we make in our people, our practice and our process has manifested itself in multi-generational client relationships that endure the test of time. It is our belief that the best is yet to come; not only for our firm and clients, but for this great nation we share, and it is our aim to fulfill this vision.

As stewards of your well-earned wealth, we are here to both listen and understand your future aspirations, and to assist you in planning for an abundant and prosperous future.

We welcome you to Barrett & Company – where the best is yet to come.


Wilson G. Saville II